Survival RV

Traveling in or with an RV in tow is a great way to see America, but they can also be used as bug-out-vehicles. I talk a little about that in a post called “RV life, hitting the road after a disaster.” However, in a new series, I’m starting called “Survival RV” I want to dig a little further into the subject.

In this series, I will be referencing a new to me RV, a 2017 Dynamax 24’RB that I just bought, but the information will be valuable for anyone wanting to turn their own RV into a bug-out-vehicle. Now, make no mistake, I’m not talking about turning your RV into a Mad Max Unit ready to survive the apocalypse. That would be cool, but I really don’t want to stand out during an emergency: However, other people are not so shy. Check out this 2016 video of the Kiravan.

I hope you enjoy this series. The post will not be back to back, but I will create a category for them under the “Post Catagories” link for easy reference.

Well, that’s all I have for now, I’m tired. I had to travel 12 hours there and back to pick up the RV, and my eyes are about to close on their own.

Timothy Scott

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