About Me

Life is one big adventure. When I was 16, I founded the Adventure Club. Our first epic adventure was on a section of the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina. A lightning storm on Big Bald Mountain and near hypothermia for one of my friends was an eye-opener and a thrill all at the same time.

We followed that up with skydiving classes. Some of us landed in the trees, but no one got hurt.

Up next were ultralights, I built my own, taught myself how to fly, and broke my landing gear in the process.

Then came whitewater canoeing/kayaking where the so-called experts of the rivers warned us not to go, but we did anyway and survived. Snow skiing, water skiing, scuba diving, caving, motorcycle racing, mountain biking, etc… followed.

Then I had to grow up, so I became a Firefighter/EMT to keep things interesting.

I also got my single engine pilots license, bought a touring motorcycle to ride to Sturgis, and an RV for a cross-country trip to Burning Man.

During Hurricane Katrina, I worked along the gulf coast and saw first hand the problems that occur during a widespread disaster, so I founded Americans Networking To Survive, an emergency preparedness network of volunteers who help one another during emergencies.

I retired from the fire service in 2015 and started this blog on October 8th, 2018.

My blog post are short and straight to the point for the most part. If you like what you find here, don’t forget to subscribe.